Analyzing IP Networks Exercise 3

 In 200-301 V1 Ch12: Classful IPv4 Networks, 200-301 V1 Part 4: IPv4 Addressing, CCENT-OLD, IPv4 Ch. 12 Network Analysis

Think you’re ready for the ICND1 or CCNA exam? This review exercise should take you no more than 1 minute. Here are a few more extra practice problems to help you learn how to analyze class A, B, and C networks. Today’s post lists sample problems, the follow-up post will show the answers.

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Five Problem Statements

Each problem starts with a Dotted Decimal Notation (DDN) number. Your job:

  • Determine the class (A, B, C, D, E, or none)
  • If A, B, or C:
    1. Find the Network ID
    2. Find the Network Broadcast Address
    3. Find the numerically lowest and highest IP addresses that can be used by hosts in the network

Table 1 lists the five problems.

Table 1: Five Problems for Today’s Post

DDN Value Class
5 123.321.123.321
Analyzing IP Networks – Answers, Exercise 2
Analyzing IP Networks – Answers, Exercise 3
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Does 1 minute include the time it takes me to write it out? I can do it in my head quite quickly but if I have to write or type everything down it takes me around a minute and a half to 2 mins.


For the purposes of this exercise, I’d say it’s far more about the time to think of the answer, rather than to write it. On the real exam, your interaction will be to click a button, so you won’t have to write or type the addresses and masks. So: thinking time, which includes the time to write if necessary to come up with the answer, but not any of the time required to record your answer.

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