CCNA 200-301: Navigating the Migration (Safari)

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Between Cisco’s June 10, 2019 announcement and migration day – Feb. 24, 2020 – everyone on the road to Cisco certification has some choices to make. You might make those choices once, or continue to monitor your progress over those months. To that end, I’m teaching two online courses about the transition, one about CCNA, and one about CCNP Enterprise.

This post serves as a place to post links, actions, and have post-class conversations for the CCNA course.

CCNA Section 1: Cisco Certification Structure and CCNA

  1. Opt-in to Cisco communications about the new certification changes at
  2. Plan to watch this Learning@Cisco webinar recording that gives an overview of all the changes
  3. Check your Cisco certification credentials and recertification dates at:
  4. Check your Cisco digital badges
  5. Make a recert plan as necessary:
  6. Establish a Cisco Continuing Education login:
  7. Check out DevNetCerts:
  8. Join the new CCNA certification group from Learning@Cisco Communities
  9. Bookmark Cisco certification support


CCNA Section 2: Cisco Certification Structure and CCNA

Worksheet: Do you have enough time to complete CCNA R&S?

  • _____   Weeks Until Jan 31, 2020:
  • _____   Time Per Week You Will Study (Real)
  • _____   (Multiply) – Time Available to Study


  • _____  Time Estimate for Time Needed
  • _____  Your Percentage Remaining
  • _____  (Multiply) Time Required to Study


CCNA Section 3: Your Migration Plan

  1. Cisco certification main page:
  2. Cisco page on new certs:
  3. CCNA 200-125 Exam Topics
  4. CCNA 200-301 Exam Topics


Cisco Cert Redesign: 3rd Set of 5 Facts
CCNP Enterprise: Navigating the Migration (Safari)
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