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Friday, April 24, 2015

Career Development Plan

Do you have a written career development plan? If not, stop now, and start reading this series. Do it now. Topics include:

Cisco Champions Blog: Habits for Lifelong Learning

Hey, as part of the Cisco Champions program, each member gets a chance to write a blog post hosted by Cisco. My post next post (actually, a related pair), Spring '15, are about good habits for lifelong IT learning. Join in, and add your own ideas (+1)! 



Cisco Champions are passionate about Cisco and enjoy sharing our knowledge, expertise, and thoughts across the social web and with Cisco.

 Cisco Certs at SDN Skills Blog

Some predict SDN’s arrival in force this year. At the SDNSkills.com blog, I’ll start to dig in with some of the SDN certifications, starting with Cisco’s current network programmability (aka SDN) certs.There are 4 certs, with 9 related video courses from Cisco; I’ll break down the certs and the associated courses. Join in the discussion! 


more ...

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