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 Chapter Pages

Click from the menu to reach the Chapter page for each chapter of this book, with:


Study Plans: A video with suggestions from the author about how to best use the chapter

Techie Topics: Videos on various technical topics related to that chapter. The full series is part of the Certskills Youtube channel (

Study Questions: Links to sample questions from many sources, including the book author’s blogs

Lablets: Links to lab exercises from many sources, including the book author’s blogs

Links from the Book: Links listed in the book.

Other Links: Any other links we think may be useful when reading this chapter.


 Study Plan

The book gives some ideas for how to use the book as part of your overall study plan. Beyond that, here are some links to informal resources for ICND1, ICND2, and Exam Prep:




  • A blog series on getting started – it can help you plan for study tools. Look to the end of this post to see links for the rest of the entries in the series.


 Get Linked

 Hands-on CLI Skills


We try to minimize the mistakes, but they do happen. If you see something in the book, or the CD questions, and it’s an error – anything from typos to technical inaccuracies – then please let us know. Also, to see the errata – the technical inaccuracies known in various printings of the book – look for the instructions below.
To find and read errata:

  1. Go here (
  2. Click the small red word “Updates” (if not there, no errata exists yet)
  3. Click the red words “Download the errata”

To report Errata about the book:

  1. Go to the publisher’s web site Contact page (
  2. Select “Submit Errata”
  3. Copy the following name and ISBN in the form, and make your comment.CCNA ICND2 Official Cert Guide

To report Errata about the CD questions:

  1. From the software, when looking at the question, select “feedback”
  2. When asked, choose whether the error is content related or software related
  3. Complete the form. For content issues, the feedback process will automatically identify the specific question.

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