Q: Config Process

 In 200-301 V1 Ch04: Command Line, 200-301 V1 Part 2: Ethernet, CCENT-OLD

Configuration file management can be simple – but have you mastered all the command? This next question attempts to make you stretch a bit even for what at first may seem like a straightforward topic.

The Question

A switch currently uses hostname SW1. An engineer connects to the switch and then does the following in order:

  1. Configures the hostname Alice command
  2. Executes the erase startup-config command
  3. Configures the hostname Brenda command
  4. Executes the copy running-config startup-config command
  5. Configures the hostname Cathy command
  6. Executes the copy startup-config running-config command
  7. Executes the reload command, and answers “no” to any prompts

What hostname does the router use once it finishes the reload?

A) Switch

B) SW1

C) Alice

D) Brenda

E) Cathy


Answer Post in a Few Days!

I’ll post an answer post in a few days. Watch for it! It should be the next post in chronological order as well, so watch for the link at the bottom of this page (just above the comments section).

A: TCP Transport Ports
A: Config Process
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Amir Habib

D: Brenda




D. Brenda, there is no step 6


Brenda as its the one that was in the running config and it was copied to the start up config.





Miguel Angel

Brenda is the hostname at ultimate configure copy the NVRAN

Punya Atma

The answer is, D, Brenda.

Engineer enters hostname Alice, and, that’s it. This hostname was not copied to startup-config.
Immediately engineer executes the erase startup-config. So it was the hostname originally in the startup-config file erased.
Now engineer configures the hostname Brenda, and, executes copy run-config to startup-config. So now the hostname Brenda, was, copied to the startup-config file. Now hostname Cathy was just configured, and, then copy startup-config run-config executed. So here this startup- config file was not saved, or included in the run-config file but just merged into it.
Now executes the reload command, and, no to any prompts, and, so there were no more new entries.
So, here, the router uses, the hostname Brenda which was copied into startup-config.



Peter Lundgren

D) Brenda

Abdoulhakam Taba



D) Brenda

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