Great learning labs, from basic to advanced! 150+ labs on ICND2 topics.

150 Additional ICND2 Lab Exercises

The Pearson ICND1, ICND2, and CCNA Simulators all use the same software code base.

Same Code Base as ICND1 and CCNA Sims

Perform a huge number of lab exercises on ICND2 topics, all within this great desktop simulator!

Learn Hands-on ICND2 Skills

Practice most CLI configuration commands for ICND2 with guided lab exercises

The ICND2 Simulator: Desktop CLI Learning

Some Supplies for Your ICND2 Journey

Free Sim to Get Started!

  • Free Pearson Sim Lite
    • Same Code as the Sim Products You Buy
    • Small Set of Labs for Free
    • Included with ICND1 and ICND2 Official Cert Guides
  • Two Different “Sim Lite” Products
    • ICND1 Sim Lite (free with ICND1 Cert Guide)
    • ICND2 Sim Lite (free with ICND2 Cert Guide)

Config Labs (Free)

ICND2 Simulator, by the Numbers

Skill Builder Labs
Config Scenario Labs
Troubleshooting Scenario Labs

Your CCENT Study Plan

  • Discipline

    Build study discipline using the study process woven throughout the books

  • Assess

    Assess your knowledge with chapter-beginning quizzes

  • Learn

    Chapters are designed for about 1 hour of new learning each

  • Master

    Rinse/Repeat with interactive tools at ends of: Chapters, Parts, and Books

  • Refine

    Practice math and configuration, and use QA to uncover weak spots

Why Hands-On Skills?

  • Almost Impossible to Pass without Hands-On CLI Skills
  • Configuring from CLI Helps You Master Configuration Sets
  • Looking for show Commands Helps You Recall Commands
  • Reading show Command Output Forces You to Combine Ideas (Think!)
  • Best Tool for Tactile Learners

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