ICND2 takes you from your earlier completion of ICND1 to being ready for the ICND2 Exam, helping you achieve the CCNA Routing and Switching certification!

From ICND2 to CCNA

Best content teamed with integrated study system for each phase of your certification journey.

Built-in Study System

The book most everyone starts with; most popular CCENT prep product ever.

#1 ICND2 Product

Authorized Cert Guide

The ICND2 Book

Save Money with Multi-product Libraries

CCNA Library
CCNA Library
Two Books!
Includes: - ICND1 Official Cert Guide - ICND2 Official Cert Guide
CCNA Sim Library
CCNA Sim Library
Two Books Plus Sim
Books: - ICND1 Official Cert Guide - ICND2 Official Cert Guide Software: - Pearson CCNA Network Simulator
CCNA Library: Academic
CCNA Library: Academic
Two Books
Two Academic Edition Books: - ICND1 Cert Guide, Academic Edition - ICND2 Cert Guide, Academic Edition

ICND2 Book, by the Numbers

Complete Study System
Detailed Examples
Key Topics
Key Terms

About the Author

  • #1 Best Selling CCNA Author
  • CCIE 1624 (Routing and Switching)
  • Has Written Every Authorized ICND1/ICND2/CCNA R&S Official Cert Guide
  • Created the Series: Cisco Press Official Cert Guides
  • Exam Prep LiveLesson Videos: Late-stage exam review videos
  • Designed Labs: For the Original Pearson CCNA Network Simulator
  • 30+ Editions for Cisco Press, Including: QoS, Route, and CCIE R&S Cert Guides

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