Lab Exercises are listed in two ways: by topic and also by the matching Chapters from the best-selling ICND1 Official Cert Guide

Organized to Work with Book Chapters/Parts

This product combines all labs from the ICND1 Sim plus the ICND2 Sim. In short: Lab-wise, CCNA Sim = ICND1 Sim + ICND2 Sim

Lab-wise: Same as ICND1 + ICND2

Same software code base used with ICND1, ICND2, and CCNA Simulators

Code-wise: Same as ICND1 and ICND2

ICND1 Labs and ICND2 Labs - All the Labs!

The CCNA Simulator

Free Sim to Get Started!

  • Free Pearson Sim Lite
    • Same Code as the Sim Products You Buy
    • Small Set of Labs for Free
    • Included with ICND1 and ICND2 Official Cert Guides
  • Two Different “Sim Lite” Products
    • ICND1 Sim Lite (free with ICND1 Cert Guide)
    • ICND2 Sim Lite (free with ICND2 Cert Guide)

Config Labs (Free)

CCNA Simulator, by the Numbers

Skill Builder Labs
Config Scenario Labs
Troubleshooting Scenario Labs
Subnetting Exercises

Why Hands-On Skills?

  • Almost Impossible to Pass without Hands-On CLI Skills
  • Configuring from CLI Helps You Master Configuration Sets
  • Looking for show Commands Helps You Recall Commands
  • Reading show Command Output Forces You to Combine Ideas (Think!)
  • Best Tool for Tactile Learners

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