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CCNA Exam Prep LiveLessons Videos

Some Supplies for Your CCNA Journey

CCNA Exam Prep LiveLessons, by the Numbers

Exam Prep Advice Videos
Common Mistake Videos
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Late-Stage Study with Exam Prep LiveLessons

  • Exam Advice

    Advice from Wendell about the later stages of exam preparation

  • Common Mistakes

    Wendell shows the most common mistakes and how to avoid them

  • Question Walkthroughs

    Wendell presents each question, and then works through the analysis of each answer

About the Author

  • #1 Best Selling CCNA Author
  • CCIE 1624 (Routing and Switching)
  • Has Written Every Authorized ICND1/ICND2/CCNA R&S Official Cert Guide
  • Created the Series: Cisco Press Official Cert Guides
  • Exam Prep LiveLesson Videos: Late-stage exam review videos
  • Designed Labs: For the Original Pearson CCNA Network Simulator
  • 30+ Editions for Cisco Press, Including: QoS, Route, and CCIE R&S Cert Guides

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