Overview: Pearson Network Simulator

  • Desktop software (boxed and downloadable)
  • Primary Purpose: To enable learning about CCENT and CCNA topics
  • CLI: A Simulator that acts like Cisco IOS CLI
  • Scope: Primarily IOS routers and switches
  • Lab exercises: 400+ labs integrated with interactive features
    • CCENT product covers CCENT topics – that is, ICND1 topics
    • CCNA product covers CCNA topics – that is, ICND1 and ICND2 topics
  • Lab Types: Four types progress from basic to advanced
  • IOS Licensing: Does not use Cisco IOS
  • Usable by: Anyone who downloads

Analysis of Pearson Network Simulator

Produced By...

From Pearson Education (parent of Cisco Press) and author Sean Wilkins.

Includes Labs?

Tons of included lab exercises, of varying types, integrated into the user interface of the product.

Labs on the Internet?

You don’t need to search for lab exercises on the Internet, because it has tons of included labs.

Uses Real Cisco IOS?

No. It’s a simulator, which is software that acts like the IOS user interface.

Initial $$$

About $100 for CCNA Sim, and about $80 for CCENT Sim, in the USA. Purchase price.

Annual $$$

$0.00. No recurring costs.

Time: Choose til Use

Appx. 15 minutes. It’s a desktop app: just buy, download, install, and start learning.

Ethical Choices

None to consider. Purchase the Sim and it’s yours to use.

Click to Buy: CCENT Sim, CCNA Sim, Upgrade


Analysis: Lab Exercises and the Sim

Are Lab Exercises Included?

Yes - Tons!
400+ CCNA Lab Exercises Integrated with the Simulator User Interface

Are Labs Easily Available on the Net?

No need to search given that product includes >> labs

Trusted authors of CCENT/CCNA labs?

Built by Trusted Authors and Organized with #1 Bestselling Cert Guides

Overall Usefulness for Lab Learning

Best Combo!
Best combination of Learning Exercises Combined with CLI with which to Practice

Analysis: Time and Dollar Costs

Time Overhead: Very Low

How much time does it take to learn the software, choose/buy/install the hardware, to be ready to learn CCENT and CCNA topics? Lower number, speedier start!

Time (Overhead)

Initial Cost: Medium

US retails prices usually run: around $100 for the CCNA Simulator, and a little less for the CCENT Simulator. It does not require other software nor extra hardware capacity.

Initial Cost

Annual Cost: Zero

You purchase the product, so there are no ongoing license charges.

Annual Cost

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