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CCENT EPL is now truly Live! We announced this new video product back in December – full name “CCENT ICND1 100-105 Exam Prep LiveLessons” – with several posts about it. Many of you have already been watching the early release videos on Safari Books Online. And it’s now available for purchase.

However, you may not want to buy the product – you may want to lease it instead. There are two options to get access to this new video product, and today’s post tells you how. In particular:

– How to buy (for the best price) (1 week 60% off coupon inside!)

– How to lease (for the best price)

One Place to Buy: The Publisher

Physical books are simple in that we’ve all grown up using them and buying them. Someone creates them (the publisher, and all their minions like me). Then a host of retailers (physical and online) buy copies from the publisher and stash them in a warehouse and/or retail store. Then they sell them to you, and you can choose from a variety of competitors from which to buy the exact same book. Simple, or at least familiar.

To buy this new CCENT Exam Prep Livelessons product, you can buy directly from the publisher – and that’s it. Simple. You do not need to go look at the usual retailers; the product won’t be there.

When you buy, you get:

  • A web login with access to the videos
  • No time limit on how long you can access them
  • Ability to download videos
  • A video player that lets you speed up and gives you a 10 second rewind (very useful)
  • Watch from any device (although you really might not be able to read it well enough from a typical 3.5-inch phone screen)

So, you get the convenience of streaming from the web, the permanence of video download. Hooray!


Subplot: Who is the Publisher? Purchase at What Web Sites?

You can only buy the product from the publisher… but the publisher has several web sites. Pearson, the publisher, owns a large number of publishing brands, and that means different web portals. For example, Pearson (corporation) includes brands such as Cisco Press, VMWare Press, and Adobe Press, each with their own web site. More generally, they have web portals like and

What should you do? Just remember, and buy it there. You can find it under both the CCENT and CCNA certification categories from the menu if surfing to find it.


Announce Week 60% Off Coupon!

I posted this post just after the release date of the product From now through Valentine’s day (Feb 14th), use coupon code ODOM60 at checkout and get 60% off list.

If you miss this offer, not that Pearson often gives good deals on video and other electronic products, so keep an eye out, watch the web page, and follow @CiscoPress on Twitter!


Leasing at SafariBooksOnline

Safari Books Online ( gives you one alternative to purchasing the product from the publisher, and it’s a very different option.

First, if you don’t know about Safari, check out their web page for a few minutes. In short, it’s a subscription service, for which at annual prices with no discounts costs around $400-$500 US, and about $40 per month if paid monthly.

If you sign up for Safari, you can watch all the videos. You cannot download them, but you can watch them online. Same videos. Now for the fun of the options!


Price Conscious Approach to Safari

You have options! Note that you can sign up for a 15-day trial, and give them your credit card. But if you are disciplined enough to cancel, you can:

Pay $0: Watch all of the CCENT EPL product in the 15 days, then cancel.

Pay $40: Use the 15-day trial, and use the service for 1 more month, and easily have time to watch all 8 hours of CCENT EPL video. Don’t forget to cancel!


Get More Value Approach to Safari

On the other hand, Safari Books Online gives you access to TONS of additional content. That content includes all the Cisco Press CCENT and CCNA book and video products, like:

Kevin’s full CCENT and CCNA courses

Scott’s command guide

My cert guides

So, let’s say you wanted several other study resources, but combined they were more than you wanted to spend. Think of them all with Safari in mind. For instance:

With current prices, that plan runs about $120 ($40/month, 3 months).

There are negatives, of course. You need to be disciplined to turn off your subscription when finished. You also lose access to the content when you turn off your subscription as well. (The real trick would be to get your boss to pay for it annually as a reference library, and get access to study materials at the same time.)


Links to Other Posts in the Series

I’ve posted a few posts about the product, along with some sample technical content about some of the same topics I chose to put in the CCENT EPL product. Here’s a list of links of what I’ve posted so far for easy reference.


About the CCENT EPL Product:

What it is

Help Wendell Choose ICND2 Video Topics

Common Mistakes in CCENT Domain 1 (Network Fundamentals)


Questions and Answers Posts that Tie in CCENT EPL videos:

IOS DHCP Server Question and Answer

Switch Forwarding Question and Answer


Coming Soon Here in the Blog:

(Planned): QA on ARP (Related to CCENT EPL Lesson 8.1)

(Planned): QA on Switch Forwarding (Related to CCENT EPL Lesson 7.3)

(Planned): QA on Config Replace (Related to CCENT EPL Lesson 10.3)


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