CCNA Crash Course and the Packet Tracer Demo Files

O’Reilly Online Learning offers a large variety of books, videos, labs, and live learning events. I’ve been teaching there since 2019, and in 2022 I began teaching the CCNA Crash Course at their site. The CCNA Crash Course sets about to help you learn as much of the CCNA content as possible within the 16 hours of the live course, with a study plan for other activities to do outside the course.

I use the Cisco Packet Tracer (PT) app to demonstrate various router and switch features during the live course. You do not need to install and use PT for the course. However, you may want to explore the same demo labs and try them yourself. To that end, this page lists a link to the PT files (of type .pkt) that I use when teaching. After class, open any of the files and explore. You can even listen to the course recording and repeat the same demo steps from the course.

Look to this page for more about installing and testing Cisco Packet Tracer.

Current Course Schedule at O'Reilly Online

CCNA Crash Course: .pkt Demo Files

All the links below refer to a Packet Tracer file of filetype .pkt. Just click the link to download the file.

If you click a link and your browser attempts to open the file instead of downloading the file, you can likely overcome the problem with a right-click of the link to bring up a menu where you can select “download linked file” or somesuch.

CCNA Crash Course Day 1 Demo Files

CLI Basics: CCC-P2-CLI.pkt


VLAN Trunking: CCC-P3-Trunks.pkt


CCNA Crash Course Day 2 Demo Files

IP Addresses and Connected Routes: CCC-P5-addresses-connected.pkt

Layer 3 EtherChannel: CCC-P5-3-EtherChannel.pkt

OSPF: CCC-P6-OSPF-int.pkt


CCNA Crash Course Day 3 Demo Files

IPv6 Addresses and Connected Routes: CCC-P7-ipv6addresses-connected.pkt

Numbered Standard ACLs: CCC-P9-numbered-standard.pkt

Switch Port Security: CCC-P10-port-security.pkt


CCNA Crash Course Day 4 Demo Files

CDP and LLDP: CCC-P11-CDP.pkt