Where to Find Wendell's Content Online

You can find my online classes of various types at these places:

O’Reilly Learning: A subscription site that includes many ebooks, video courses, live courses, events, practice tests, and audio. It includes all of the Cisco Press lineup. I teach several live classes there regularly.

YouTube – @NetworkUpskill: A new YouTube channel, started in 2024, meant for free CCNA content. Come join the journey with me!

Courses I Teach Regularly at O'Reilly

From the course landing page at O’Reilly:

Earning the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification proves that you have the foundational knowledge and skills required of all networking professionals. Cisco Systems, the dominant networking vendor, defines CCNA, and over the years, CCNA has come to represent the ideal skillset for entry-level networkers. The CCNA 200-301 Crash Course has one goal in mind: To help you learn the content covered by the Cisco 200-301 exam to achieve your CCNA certification. This course covers the CCNA exam topics, emphasizing essential topics to prepare you for the exam better.

Attend this course and together we’ll walk through the most important CCNA topics. The course takes four hours per day, for four days, usually with two days each in consecutive weeks. As with all O’Reilly live courses, once you attend, you can circle back and watch the recordings. As always in the live courses, you can ask questions along the way!

From the course landing page:

The need to master IPv4 subnetting may be the single most critical skill when designing, engineering, and operating TCP/IP networks. IPv4 subnetting influences how IP works, including routing, routing protocols, and IP addressing. Additionally, subnetting requires the most effort, time, and practice to master compared to most TCP/IP topics due to the processes and related math details. This course takes you through each area of subnetting to a depth useful for IT Pros and even deeper for certification candidates.

During this two-day, four-hour-per-day course, you will follow a repeating pattern to learn a new concept, see it performed, and then practice. You can truly begin with few or no subnetting skills and end the course with all the subnetting knowledge you need for CCNA. You will also have a great start on building your skills – but you still need to practice until you work quickly enough for the CCNA exam. The course, of course, gives you tons of advice on how to achieve and perfect those skills!

From the course landing page:

IT pros need to be just as comfortable with IP Version 6 (IPv6) as they are with IP Version 4 (IPv4). In reality, most of us feel more comfortable with IPv4 – and this course sets about to help bridge that gap. Ready to dig in and master the details of IPv6 addressing for an enterprise? Then this is the course for you.

This two-day, four-hour-per-day course has a similar flow to the IPv4 subnetting course on day one, but becomes a lab-focused course on day two. During day one, you learn the concepts and math behind IPv6 addressing, which thankfully requires much less work as compared with IPv4. On day two, you use the Cisco Packet Tracer simulator to perform labs to implement IPv6 addressing and routing in a lab network, learning most of the hands-on IPv6 skills required for CCNA.

Network UpSkill YouTube Channel

Check out my new YouTube channel, @NetworkUpskill. The channel and playlist intro videos will tell you more about what to expect there. The big idea: Help anyone who’s studying for CCNA learn better and more efficiently by creating a mix of methods and tools.

Some of the types of videos I expect to create for the channel include:

  • CCNA review methods and study activities
  • CCNA reading break videos
  • Full CCNA course videos