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As promised, here’s another #CCNA config museum piece about EIGRP. This one is a little different than what you might configure in a real network, but it does make you exercise your skills with a few CCNA config command options. As always, these are meant as straightforward config exercises – no muss no fuss, just review and practice config skills. Enjoy!

Your Job: Build an EIGRP Config

Configure EIGRP for a simple three router network. However, in this case, I want you to prevent EIGRP from creating a neighbor relationship between two routers (R2 and R3). In fact, I want the config to simply not enable EIGRP on the link between R2 and R3.

These are the straightforward requirements:

  • Use EIGRP only.
  • Use the minimum number of commands while meeting all the requirements listed here.
  • Disable the advertisement of EIGRP updates on any interfaces you can without impacting the routes learned by the routers.
  • Assume that the IPv4 addresses listed in Table 1 are already configured on the matching interfaces.
  • Configure such that R1 and R3 create a neighbor relationship, as well as R1 and R2.
  • Configure such that R2 and R3 do not form a neighbor relationship, and that they do not even enable EIGRP on the serial link between R2 and R3.

Figure 1 shows the network topology.

Figure 1: Router Triangle with IPv4 Subnets

Table 1: IPv4 Addresses

Location IP/mask
R1 F0/0 /26
R1 S0/0/0 /26
R1 S0/0/1 /26
R2 F0/0 /26
R2 S0/0/0 /26
R2 S0/0/1 /26
R3 F0/0 /26
R3 S0/0/0 /26
R3 S0/0/1 /26


Answers: Summary Route Practice Set 2
Config Museum: More EIGRP - Answers
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