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Saturday, November 18, 2017
This product section makes no attempt to replace bookseller web sites. But sifting the information there can be a challenge. An advanced search on Amazon.com for books with "CCNA" in the title lists over 400 options (at least when I did it). Yikes! The ciscopress.com web site lists all products in all formats from the primary source of Cisco cert products.
This site attempts to keep the product info clean, clear, and to the point, with three goals:

 Save with Libraries, Kits, and Bundles


Like with most retail sales, you can save $$ per product when buying more than one product. The publisher may combine products into a new package, with a different name and ISBN, which allows any bookseller to sell the package. Ot any seller can combine products for sale on their web site. Here's some info that can help you when looking at the names of some of these:

Term Library Kit Bundle
Boxed set? Yes Yes No
Separate name and ISBN? Yes Yes No
Focus? Books Non-books Any


 Tell Me About the Certifications?

Interested, but need to know more about a Cisco certification? Find more here...


 Book, eBook, Kindle, etc.?

Many  Cisco Press books have an eBook option from the publisher, with the eBook being a rights-protected PDF. Several other options exist for eBook from popular large booksellers, including Amazon and their Kindle product. However, Cisco Press books published in 2009 and later may not include a PDF of the book with the printed book.  Make sure to look on the product pages on this site to discover whether there's a PDF shipped with the print book.